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What is the paint making machine?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-10-07 15:46:19

paint making machine

The paint making machine is a kind of paint mixing and dispersion machine, it\'s also used for ink production process.in addition, JCT Machinery Co.,ltd can design the suitable paint making machine according to your requirement.

paint making machine

The paint making machine is also called high speed dispersion machine,which adopts stepless speed regulation, there are electromagnetic speed control, frequency control(such as for water-based paint) and explosion-proof frequency control (such as for oil-based paint) and other forms.

paint making machine

The paint making machine has a wide application,it\'s widely used in paint, dyes,ink, pigment, cosmetics, resin, adhesive, emulsion, medicine, petroleum, etc. the speed of pigment mixer can be adjusted freely,all of structure can be designed on your need, welcome to contact us in your free time!

paint making machine

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