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Our professional service team will solve your technical problem in 24 7days.We provide you one year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

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  • Machinery Research Institute cooperation projects
  • JCT Machinery and Netherlands cooperation project
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  • Guangzhou Machinery Research Institute specializes in silicone sealant design harvested production line
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JCT Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional design stainless steel jacketed reactor manufacture.

1. Quality: 100% stainless steel, appearance with mirror polished , adopt vacuum box balanced structure, the degree of vacuum reached -0.096, good sealing quality.

2. Service: we can provide free pre-sale consultion about stainless steel jacketed reactor,

3. Team: focus on stainless steel jacketed reactor industry for over 20 years, with 5 years of 20 technical team!

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  • JCT Machinery | AAA Qulity Product Certification
  • Alibaba certificate in 2017
JCT Machinery | Certified Quality Auditor


Kim Chang Thai products have a lot of inventory it?
Yes, Kim Chang-tai machinery small machine model, for example, a 5L reactor, kneader, a planetary mixer, and ...
Before the order, Kim Chang Thailand will give us a detailed mechanical drawings?
Yes, we will give detailed drawings. Once you place your order, and pay the deposit, our engineers will design for...
After pay the balance, Kim Chang Thailand can go to the local test machine?
We usually do not do. We will always install and test the machine. You can also go to our factory and check it out...
where can i buy hot glue sticks
As a hot glue sticks machine manufacturer, Foshan JCT Machinery can provide professional pre-sale consulting abo...