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Where can we industrial paint mixing equipment?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-10-07 15:31:51

equipment paint

Where can we industrial paint mixing equipment? you can search on google or other website. JCT Machinery Co.Ltd as a professional industrial paint mixing equipment manufacturer, we serve our clients with our best service and best quality.in addition, we can design the suitable industrial paint mixing equipment on your request.

industrial paint mixing equipment

The industrial paint mixing equipment is also known paint dispersion machine or paint mixer, industrial paint mixing equipment is major paint production equipment.in addition, industrial paint mixing equipment is professional and high efficient paint mixer for mixing, dispersion,dissolution,crushing and other function.

equipment paint

JCT industrial paint mixing equipmenthas a wide application,it's widely used in paint, dyes,ink, pigment, cosmetics, resin, adhesive, emulsion, medicine, petroleum, etc. the speed of pigment mixer can be adjusted freely,all of structure can be designed on your need, welcome to contact us in your free time!

industrial paint mixing equipment