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Do you know what the machine can make the silicone rubber?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-10-24 10:13:37

the silicone rubber

The silicone rubber can be made by the kneading machine, the kneading machine is the main equipment by JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd. The kneading machine have six major components, kneading part, base part, the transmission system, vacuum system, hydraulic system, electric control system, etc.

silicone rubber machine

The kneading machine have different model, As the same time,the full volume is also different, the model of kneading machine is from NHZ-50 to NHZ-3000(It can produce the volume of silicone rubber from 50L to 3000L). The model of all the kneading machine can be using hot oil/power/steam water cooling. You have many choices which produces the silicone about choosing heating means and the model.

silicone rubber machine1

If you are about to produce the silicone rubber and want to need to find the kneading machine, Please contact us as much as possible. You can also visit our company website https://goo.gl/fCFycy. It has our address and contact information.We are Looking forward to you can visit our company that you can find the machine you need to produce the silicone rubber!

   the silicone rubber

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