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Do you know the Installation and Use of stainless steel reactor?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-10-24 11:09:11

stainless steel reactor

The stainless steel reactor is a synthetical equipment that is widely used in the chemical industries. By using its functions of heating and mixing to dispersion mixing the kinds of materials, even the reaction of polymerization. Being a reactor tank, the parameters such as temperature, pressure, mixing ...etc, are strictly controlled while it is working.



1.  Set up on the firm and plane workbench. The height of workbench is determined by the usage. There are must certain of space(360cm)between reactor and workbench to install and post-maintenance.

2.  The drive shaft is required to be perpendicular to ground level.

3.  The equipment of accessories like pipe, safety valve, must be equipped with requirements of the reactor.

4.  Check the connection parts and transmission parts are solid after equipped. The pipes, nozzles, sealed parts and the whole machine must be taken the Airtight test to make sure the reactor no air leakage.

5.  Pour the 46# mechanical oil into the reducer before running. Open the motor shield and turn the mixing blade to check whether it operate smoothly or scrape the wall. Clean the dirt inside the kettle before work. 30 minute no load operation without noise and vibration after feeding materials.

stainless steel reactor

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