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Meeting the Bangladesh client who needs chemical reactor for DOP production line

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-10-23 11:11:08

DOP production

On Oct 20th, 2017, we received a call from clients who are from Bangladesh. They said that they live in the Panyu, Guangzhou at present. They want to visit our company and plan to order machine in the afternoon. What does he need and how is the visiting?

chemical reactor2

It is the first time to for them to visit our company. I take them to visit our workshop. Due to I do not know about the machine, So I do not know what the machine they need. With the introduction of Lucy,  I know that they want to order the whole line of DOP. Then,we are both negotiating with the contract terms and machine. They do not purchase some small parts from us that they plan to buy from their country. As their factory has not yet been established, they are not eager to purchase the machine. About the payment terms, they said that they would pay the deposit by T/T, others by L/C.

chemical reactor1

They purchase the machine which the main equipment is chemical reactor. They want to order the machine which is used to producing polyester resin, epoxy resin, polyester resin adhesive, etc. We are specially manufacturing this machine. We have been exporting this machine for many years. The quality of our machine are superior which produces the product. And the quality of product is excellent good sale. As their factory is not established, they are not eager to order the machine right now. They said that they would visit our company in next month, and they will order the machine. We have established good business relationship with each other by this visit. We will keep in touch with each other. As a manufacturer specializing in chemical reactor for DOP production line, we welcome your inquiry!

DOP production

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