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Indian clients cooperate with JCT Machinery for silicone rubber making plant project

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-10-12 16:16:25

silicone rubber project

Yesterday afternoon, October 11th, 2017, indian client and his business partner come to visit JCT Machinery, continue to discuss with us about silicone rubber making plant project. As a professional machine manufacturer, now let me introduce the visiting for you.

silicone rubber making

In the visiting, the client confirm some information of product shipment with our manager. And then the client also talked about technical problem of making silicone rubber with us. With sincerely trade atitute and trust to us, he paid cash at the same time and we showed them whole production equipment drawing. After that, they also showed us some local snacks. So interesting!

silicone rubber machine

With the development of global market, now more and more people start business to make silicone rubber by themselves, the price of equipment for making silicone rubber as well as its raw materials also is raised constantly. Remenber a sentence which says, the earlier you start the business, you might can gain profit earlier. As a machine manufacturer specializing customized chemical mixing equipment nearly 20 years, if you are interested in purchasing silicone rubber making plant equipment, you can feel free to let us know.

silicone rubber making

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