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Do you know the making equipment of acid and neutral silicone glass glue adhesive?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-09-26 14:07:58

glass adhesive

With the development of global market, people now more and more communicate and connect with each other as the economy grownth of each country. And silicone glass glue adhesive has many applications, more and more people is willing to start silicone sealant making project by themselves. Do you know the making equipment of acid and neutral silicone glass glue adhesive?

silicone glass glue

The performance of silicone silicone glass glue adhesive is divided into two types: neutral silicone sealant and acid silicone sealant. It generally used for home improvement bonding. Some places that home furnishings generally need to use silicone sealant: wooden line on the back of the mouth, sanitary ware, toilet, toilet in the make-up mirror, wash basin and wall cracks, etc.. These places use different properties of silicone sealant. Neutral silicone sealant force is relatively weak, generally used in the back of the bathroom mirror do not need strong adhesion of these places. Neutral silicone sealant which be used in home improvement is more, mainly because it will not corrode the object, and acidic silicone sealant is generally used in the wood line on the back of the dumb mouth, has strong adhesion.

glass adhesive

The main making equipment of silicone glass glue adhesive is strong dispersion mixer, hydraulic discharge machine and packaging machine. Firstly you need to mixing base materials of acid or neutral silicone sealant in the strong dispersion mixer. Next, grinding and making adhesive using high-speed stirring and dispersing function in the strong dispersion mixer or dual planetary power mixer. Then those materials will be discharge through hydraulic discharge machine. Lastly you need to pack them by packaging machine. Any questions you have about purchasing equipment of acid and neutral silicone glass glue adhesive can feel free to contact JCT Machinery!

silicone glass glue

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