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The Specialty of Power Mixer Structure

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-10-23 10:40:21

power mixer structure

Power Mixer is a non-dead high efficiency, multiple function, compulsory mixing and dispersing machine. It is more and more used in all kind of chemical industry. This is some specialty structure of power mixer

power mixer2

1. Vertical structure. It is completely combined with specialty of the planetary mixer and the strong dispersing 
machine. Mix together the advantages of the two machines, so that the power mixer at same time with high speed dispersion and low speed mixing function.
2. Compared to planetary mixer, power mixer has low speed mixing paddle revolution and rotation. It also adds a high speed dispersing axle that fitted a dispersing plate, as it rotation, it has revolution at same time. For its speed, it uses 2 transducer to control frequency.
3. Power mixer had an automatic scraping wall mechanism in the kettle. Scrapping the material on wall and mixing it to make the mixing more thorough.
4. With a unique structure, the equipment can be pressurized or vacuum to babble etc.
5. It is commonly used to configure the paddle for the folding and heap type.

power mixer3

As a professional manufacturer specializing in manufacture power mixer, if you have any questions about power mixer structure, you can feel free to contact JCT Machinery.

power mixer structure

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