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Do you know rtv rubber sealant?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-08-27 11:50:08

rubber sealant

The rtv rubber sealant is a kind of rubber sealant,it can be called as room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber,There are single-component rtv rubber sealant and two-component rtv rubber sealant.

The rtv rubber sealant consists of silicone rubber,crosslinking agent,a filler and other ingredients. Rtv rubber sealant is solvent-free,, non-corrosive single-component rubber sealant.it has long shelf life, 

rubber sealant

As a rtv rubber sealant mixer manufacturer, we know well about the rtv rubber sealant production process, not only provide rtv rubber sealant mixer, but also after-sale service. Rtv rubber sealant is a viscous liquid material, and rtv rubber sealant mixer, we can choose JCT kneading machine for rtv rubber sealant production.

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