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What is general introduction of industrial batch paddle mixer?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-08-27 11:42:36

industrial paddle mixer

The industrial batch paddle mixer is one of chemical powder production mixing equipment,it\'s a new and convenient industrial paddle mixer,with advanced features,industrial batch paddle mixer has been winning good feedback from many clients around the world.

The industrial batch paddle mixer had changed revolutionally traditional process of powder - powder, powder - liquid, solid material, mixing granular material condition. It\'s easy to clean and operate the industrial batch paddle mixer,which is widely used in medicine, food (such as tea, instant tea powder, food additives, flavors and fragrances, spices, soy protein isolate lecithin spray mixing processes, etc.), veterinary drugs, modified starch, paper, chemicals, feed, CPE plastic particles and so on.

industrial batch mixer

Industrial batch paddle mixer can meet the vacuum feeding and non-dust discharge,it can avoid the dust spreading randomly,gentle mixing process, the basic material is not destroyed the original state.

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