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What is the features of paint mixture machine?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-08-29 11:29:48

paint mixture machine

As a paint mixture machine manufacturer in Foshan, China, JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd has been manufacturing the paint mixture machine with good quality and best service! paint mixture machine is one of chemical mixing machine in JCT,and apart from paint mixture machine, we also supply chemical reaction machine, kneading machine, dispersion machine, powder mixing machine etc.

The paint mixture machine is a main paint production machine,there are many components of it.Paint mixture machine is a new mixing machine,which is mainly used as dispersion use.It adopts electromagnetic speed control system,frequency control and the three speed and other specifications;about its mixing blaze,there are dispersion plate type,flat plate, disc and other types.

paint mixture machine

According to client\'s different requirements and prepared material with viscosity, lifting forms can be divided into hydraulic and mechanical type.in addition, as a paint mixture machine suppliers, we can design the suitable paint mixture machine you want!

paint mixture machine

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