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Do you know the difference between several kinds of powder blending machine?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-06-09 12:02:28

powder blending

The mixing materials of conical twin screw mixer and horizontal ribbon blender are similar, basically common. Conical twin screw mixer has requirements about the factory height; in addition to powder it can also do biological fertilizer and other water products. It uses a dual output reducer, can be added spray device and jacket heating, in order to prevent damage to the machine generally do not set the reverse rotation. Conical twin screw mixer\'s rotation mode inclueds both rotation and revolution.

powder blending machine

Horizontal ribbon blender\'s motor is larger, in addition to ordinary powder, it can make slurry, and it is better to choose horizontal ribbon to make granular materials. But it has some restrictions due to its sealing problems. It can set the reverse rotation, and without revolution.

powder blending

Besides, powder blending machines also have coulter mixer and agravic mixer. Coulter mixer mixer\'s mixing materials might get agglomerate, and it is much easier to get agglomerate if mixing solid-liquid materials. Once coulter mixer adds plow knife, it has effects of breaking materials. Agravic mixer is generally used for mixing materials which has a large specific gravity, such as mixing cement. And its mixing space is W-shape, using biaxial fan-shape paddles.

powder blending machine

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