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Do you know something about car paint putty?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-06-12 23:29:43

car putty

Car paint putty refers to one kind of material that in the car coating can be used for griding on the first or second primer after being polished. It can fill the small defects, pits, scratches or other processing traces that after being polished, forming a smooth surface, and help to brush the next paint.

car paint putty

Car paint putty has characteristics that including a high content of pigment, be thick and easy to dry, get hard and delicate when it is dry, easy to polish. It generally has water-based and oil-based types. Oily putty is divided into alkyd, nitro, perchlorethylene, epoxy and other types, of which nitro (currently modified with acrylic acid nitro) is the most commonly used.

car paint putty

The main equipment to make car paint putty is vacuum planetary mixer. Vacuum planetary mixer, also known as planetary mixer or vertical shaft vacuum mixer, is a high efficiency and without dead point mixing equipment that often used in chemical industry. The types of its stirrer can be customized into multi-layer blade type, frame type, butterfly type, impeller type and so on according to the material requirements, simple and convenient when operating. As professional manufacturers of car paint putty making machine, we welcome your inquiry!

car putty

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