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Have a look at the latest progress of powder blender equipment in JCT Machiney's workshop

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-04-19 10:59:18

powder blender equipment

Horizontal ribbon mixer is one of the powder blender equipment, which is mainly used in powder and powder or with a mixture of viscous materials. As a powder blender equipment manufacturers, let us look at the latest progress of the workshop in JCT Machinery.

powder blender

How are the latest workshop progress? As can be seen from pictures, several powder blenders' external shell are in the processing process. The workers are also welding, they are preparing to install the motor and other devices on the powder blender.

powder blender equipment

This kind of powder blender equipment can be mixed in the material into the lot into liquid, and the whole process of mixing the material body can reflect the solid powder can also reflect the sticky, application cases thickening powder, gray surface, paint And so on. If you are interested in powder blender equipment in JCT Machinery, you can tell us your demand!

powder blender

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