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What is paint mixing mixer blades in industrial?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-04-19 10:12:02

paint mixing blades

Paint mixing mixer, also known as high-speed disperser, which has a very significant role and status in the field of mixing paint. As a paint mixing mixer manufacturer, we can introduce its mixing blades in industrial for you.

paint mixing blades

What is paint mixing mixer blades in industrial? The size of the blade is based on the material\'s fluidity and the required dispersion. The thicker the material, the larger the diameter of the blade and the diameter of the tank. On the contrary, the more thin the material, the smaller the diameter of the blade and the tank.

industrial mixer blades

In the machine selection, the biaxial dispersion has a higher mixing efficiency than the uniaxial dispersion. Water-based materials can use electromagnetic speed, oily material using frequency control. If the material in the process requires a vacuum, we need to choose a vacuum high-speed disperser. For more information about paint mixing mixer blades in industrial, welcome you to contact us!

industrial mixer blades

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