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Let me tell you what is paint mixing systems

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-06-21 16:41:07

paint system

Paint production equipment consist of several paint systems, they are feed systems,dispersion systems, grinding systems, paint mixing systems and other systems.From feeding the material, product packaging, fully automated production and high process, with high efficiency, it adopts international advanced dispersion milling system for keeping stable product quality.

paint mixing systems

The features of paint mixing systems:

1.Dispersion system: we have adopted a dispersing machine with multi-cylinder machine type high efficiency, space saving, and easy to operate electric rotating,

2,The grinding system uses a series of horizontal sand mill, it can achieve the fineness requirement,grinding paste can be used basket mill or stick pins horizontal sand mill.

3,The paint mixing system uses a versatile paint mixing equipment, high and low viscosity of the product can be applied, but also can produce varnish.

4.There are two knids of filters, automatic and semi-automatic filling.

5.The platform can be choosen depends on client\'s need,dispersion system on the top, grinding system in the second layer, paint mixing system is placed in the third layer.

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