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What is white glue in chemical area?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-06-21 15:13:27

white glue

As a white glue machine manufacturer, we also familiar with the white glue, also called as white latex, it has a wide range, and is one of the water-soluble adhesive with long history and large amount.white glue is a thermoplastic with the polymerization, It can be cured at room temperature, fast curing, high bond strength,with good toughness and durablity.

Feature of white glue:
1,As for the porous material,such as wood, paper, cloth, leather, ceramics, etc. have a strong cohesive force, and higher initial viscosity.
2,It can be cured at room temperature and fast curing speed.
3,Transparent film, no sticky pollution, and with ease of processing.
4.Take water as dispersion medium,
5,With water as the dispersion medium, non-burning, non-toxic gases, do not pollute the environment, safety and pollution-free.
6.It\'s one-component viscous liquid and more convenient to use.

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