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Could you tell me the hot melt glue application?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-06-22 12:03:26

glue application

The hot melt glue is a kind of plasticity adhesive,which change with physical condition in a temperture range, and keep a same chemical propertices, it's a environmentally friendlly chemical products.

When we come to hot melt glue application, we can associate with many aspects, and what is the hot melt glue application? Let me show you as follows:

hot melt glues

1) Package: carton boxes, food packaging;
2) Hygiene products: diapers, sanitary napkins and so on.
3) Binding books: books wireless binding;
4) Wood furniture: plywood, wooden floor mosaic, furniture stick;
5) Automotive: lights, glass, filter device, interior, etc;
6) Textile products: adhesive, printing, adhesive;
7) Reflective material: traffic signs, warning protective clothing.

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