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Which machine is the best one to mix thermal grease, let industrial agitators manufacturers tell you!

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-06-08 11:44:24

industrial agitators manufacturers

Maybe many people are unfamiliar to thermal grease, but know more about thermmate as it is important in our daily use of electronic equipments. The day before yesterday, 3 customers came to JCT Machinery and talked about the production of thermal grease and thermmate with us. Now let us talk something about their production process.

thermal grease

Thermmate is generally made of white carbon black, alumina and other materials, and is shaped by vulcanization of thermal grease. The prodution equipment can be vacuum kneader, strong dispersion mixer, or dual planetary powerful mixer. Thermmate with high quality is generally choose dual planetary powerful mixer to produce because of its high material density and it is likely to have stirring dead if use strong dispersion mixer. Because the material desity is high, the use of power mixer production process generally use batch feeding, and through dual planetary powerful mixer driving the material friction heating.

industrial agitators manufacturers

When dual planetary powerful mixer runs, at the same time start the dehydration process to make asdhesive. The whole production process is devided into: raw material(dual planetary powerful mixer) - glue making(dual planetary powerful mixer) - vulcanization - slicing - packaging. Due to the good thermal conductivity and high-grade pressure capacity that thermal grease has, thermmate is the best product in binary cooling system. More information about thermmate and thermal grease, you can contact with industral agitators manufacturers!

thermal grease

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