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What do you think of dry powder blender equipment for coffee powder mixing?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-06-07 16:00:33

dry powder blending equipment

Recently, JCT Machinery has dry powder mixing equipment and is planned to be shipped to US customers. They want to produce coffee powder, so we recommend dry powder mixing equipment for them.

coffee powder mix

coffee powder is a popular drink in the world. Coffee beans after baking, grinding into powder, can be directly brewed, or boiled. How can our machine used in making coffee powder?

dry powder blending

Dry powder blender equipment does not destroy the mixture in the state, in the body to produce transverse staggered convection, blending, diffusion and other complex movement, so that the material in a short time to achieve the best mix effect. Dry powder blender equipment for a sticky or cohesive mixture of powder and powder and powder to add liquid and paste the mixture of materials have a good effect.Its cans can be made fully open doors, in order to facilitate the cleaning of the equipment to replace the product. More details about dry powder blender equipment for coffee powder mixing can consult to us.

coffee powder mix

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