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Look at dry powder mixing equipment shipped to Shenzhen today

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-06-08 16:27:22

dry powder mixing equipment

Now in the mixing of many powder materials, various machines can be chosen. According to different powder materials, such as coffee powder, coal and other powder, we help clients for machine selection. One kind of dry powder mixing machine as follows is shipped out to Shenzhen today.

dry powder mixing

This kind of dry powder mixing equipment\'s mixing space is in the form of a horizontal bucket, and the barrel has an integral ribbon. The motor reducer is on the end of the main unit. its mixing performance is relatively stable, thus the destruction of the crystal effect is small. when it runs, all the material in the overall state of motion, and its mixing time is relatively short.

dry powder mixing equipment

The ribbon mixer is generally used for the mixing of viscous or cohesive granules and the addition of liquid and pasty material to the powder and granules. At the same time due to the difficulty of sticky material cleaning characteristics, it is suitable for large production, not often replace the variety of occasions mixed. It is mainly used for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural drugs, plastics, pigments, cosmetics and feed additives and other industries mixed powder and granular materials.

dry powder mixing

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