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Look at helical ribbon blade of reactors in JCT Machinery

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-06-07 11:28:14

helical ribbon impeller

Today, let us talk about helical ribbon blade of reactors. It is designed for our customer who wants to mix hot melt glue. In many kinds of impellers that can be used in reactors, why we choose this kind of impeller for mixing?

helical ribbon

It is because the hot melt glue has high viscosity that other general blade is difficult to drive its mixing. In order to make a good mixing effect of materials evenly, technical department of JCT Machinery recommended a helical ribbon blade for our customers. It is also the main programs that explored by us for 20 years.

helical impeller

Helical ribbon blade is suitable for high viscosity and high solid content of the material mixture, heat transfer reaction and other operations. its features are low shear, , strong cycle capability, ultra low speed operation, high energy consumption. In fect, due to chemical products have different viscosity and performance, we produce customized chemical mixing equipments for customers. Kindly welcome your inquiry!

helical ribbon impeller

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