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Do you know the structure of the high shear homogenizer mixer?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-06-07 11:51:09

high shear homogenizer mixer

The main structure of high shear homogenizer mixer is vertical. The equipment can be used for vacuum mixing, has good sealing performance, and it also has the effect of removing the exhaust. The kettle can be hydraulic lift, kettle body can be free to move, the operation is very convenient. Some structural features that it has as follows:

high shear homogenizer

1. High shear homogenizer mixer is an efficient, multi-functional, mandatory mixer.

2. High shear homogenizer mixer has three motors, the middle of the motor through the reducer drive "ɽ" shape .
3. High shear homogenizer mixer is usually used thick steel plate and special sealing structure to meet the vacuum and pressure and other occasions

4. High shear homogenizer mixer can usually be equipped with a number of movable tanks, which are typically designed as jacket structures and can be heated and cooled.

high shear homogenizer mixer

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high shear homogenizer

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