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Bangladesh customers visited JCT Machinery for grafting glue and PU adhesive production line

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-08-03 13:37:41

grafting glue

With the development of footwear industry, bags, handbags and other industry, the demand for adhesives is also growing. Recently, JCT Machinery continually received a lot of customers to do grafting glue, includes domestic and foreign markets. We also have shipped a 5-ton production line to India before, and help the project of Sri Lanka customers 2.3 tons, and yesterday in the JCT Machinery's another Bangladesh customers who is preparing grafting glue and PU adhesive project came to visit us. Now let us have something know about it!

pu adhesive

The Bangladesh customer is engaging contact adhesive in his factory now, owning two sets of local stayl mixing tank. And he wants to expand his production, so this time he came to China, came to our factory for consulting grafting glue and PU adhesive project. In the morning, we went to his hotel to pick him up, and soon his chinese friends also drove a car and took the customer's son to our factory. We talked the equipment details together, and took them to the workshop to visit the grafting glue equipment which are in production . He is very satisfy to our professional explanation and told us if everything goes on well he will come again.

grafting glue

We felt grateful to the customer's trust, and will prepare everything to help his project. We hope to keep good relationship on both sides in the future. If you are puzzled in purchasing grafting glue and PU adhesive equipment, you can feel free to contact us!

pu adhesive

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