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Taiwan customers 5L lab kneader mixer - toy glue equipment

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-08-04 12:29:56

lab mixer

Speaking of toys, I believe we are familiar with it! Everyone play toys when in the childhood, especially today's children's demand for toys is also growing, so the toy rubber industry also will be popular. Today I share JCT Machinery's toy glue of Taiwan customers 5L lab kneader mixer - toy plastic equipment with you!

kneader mixer

5L lab kneader mixer is also called small laboratory lab kneader mixer, and it is also consists of kneader, the base part, transmission system, vacuum system, hydraulic system, electric control system and other components, but the biggest difference is the whole 5L small kneading machine body is made of all stainless steel. So its cost may be relatively high, and it is used for the experiment, the precision of its work will be relatively high as well. 

kneader mixer

Lab kneader mixer is generally used for the mixing of various kinds of glue. The products are made by Taiwan customers for toy glue, but also in the experimental stage. After the experiment can be add the large-scale equipment - large-scale kneading machine mass production. Till now, the two test machines are completed, and tomorrow will be shipped to Taiwan. We wish the two 5L lab kneader mixer can cross the sea, smoothly arriving to customers! Any requirements about lab kneader mixer can discuss with JCT Machinery!

lab mixer

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