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What do you know about PU glue( polyurethane adhesive)?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-08-03 11:18:01

pu glue

PU glue( polyurethane adhesive) common name white plastic, chemical name is polyurethane resin. PU materials are widely used in insulation materials, synthetic leather, aerospace materials, the use of shoe materials, PU glue, can be used for PVC, TPR, rubber, nylon cloth, ABS, synthetic leather and other PU bonding materials bonding.

pu glue

PU glue has excellent adhesion fastness, good heat and weather resistance, colorless and translucent, environmentally friendly non-toxic, easy to operate, suitable for assembly line production. There are water-based PU plastic and oily PU glue points. 

The use of the process should pay attention to: 1. As for PU glue on the bonding quality, the user must be in the course of the use of the principle of first-in first-out date. 2. In the use of the process, the staff should be well protected, because some people with bad skin easily lead to skin allergies.

polyurethane adhesive

The main reaction equipment in the production, is steam heated reactor. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, scientific research and other industries, is to complete the polymerization, condensation, vulcanization, alkylation, hydrogenation and other chemical process, the intermediate process of many reaction equipment. For more information on PU glue( polyurethane adhesive), please contact JCT!

polyurethane adhesive

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