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US customers come to find chewing gum production equipment

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-31 09:38:22

chewing gum equipment

Recently in Foshan it is so hot that difficult to resist, but the hot weather can not stop the arrival of our customers. In the morning of July 25th, we ushered in a customer from the United States, that the Uncle Sam came here for chewing gum production equipment.

chewing gum equipment

Chewing gum we all know, but do you know how it is produced? To produce chewing gum, the most important thing is the raw materials kneading equipment in the beginning, and generally used is that we often say kneading machine. After the raw material is kneaded by the kneader, it is cut into the desired shape by the extruder, and then cooled and aged, after which the mixture is coated with sugar, polished, and finally packaged and listed for sale!

chewing gum production

This time Uncle Sam came to JCT Machinery, that is, for this set of chewing gum production equipment, the kneading machine. For the production of chewing gum, kneading machine is the most important. For this we are also grateful to Uncle Sam for our trust and recognition. We will guarantee the quality and service to the equipment for you. For more requirements about purchasing chewing gum production equipment you can feel free to contact with JCT Machinery!

chewing gum production

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