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JCT Machinery and Uncle Sam's sigma kneading machine

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-31 09:08:10

sigma machine

Remembering that some people have said, every good thing is worth our heart to wait, like today the coming of Uncle Sam. This is a very handsome Uncle Sam, is also a very experienced American engineers. His conversation ways with us are very humorous, we spent the pleasant time during the negotiation! So how is the title said JCT Machinery and Uncle Sam's sigma kneading machine?

kneading machine

Of course, we did not forget our duty, this time the customer's coming is for a 5L and a 1000Ll sigma kneading machine. In full understanding of our equipment parameters and specifications, we took him to our workshop to see our production condition and equipment. The Uncle Sam can not help but stretched out the thumb,  highly appreciating the production of our equipment. In the whole process of negotiations is very smooth, we are also grateful to the Uncle Sam's recognition. Your trust is the driving force of our progress!

kneading machine

Well, today Sara share here, and  if you have any sigma kneading machine and other equipment and production process, you can always contact JCT Machinery, we'll professional for you to answer and design.

sigma machine

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