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See liquid silicone rubber making machine suppliers designed customized proposal to Foshan customers

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-08-01 11:59:20

liquid silicone rubber

On July 30th, 2017, an urgent call we received and be informed that customers from Danzao, Foshan wanted to visit JCT Machinery in the afternoon. What does he need and how is the visiting? Now let liquid silicone rubber making machine suppliers tell you!

liquid silicone rubber

The customers need 100L kneading machines for liquid silicone rubber, which is 2 sets, demand 2 kinds of discharge mode includes turn cylinder and screw. Due to the fluidity of the materials, we recommended him to choose the former one. Also, he told us he had went to Dongguan several days ago and did the experiment finding the powder materials added into the kneading machine is about 60%, so the 7.5 KW at least motor is needed. Besides, the customer said, the heated system and vacuum system, as well as the cover of the machine is unnecessary for his project. He require the kneading machines only for stirring and mixing, after which still have other process.

liquid silicone rubber suppliers

During his visiting, we still took him to our workshop. With seeing the production condition and equipment, we hope to build good relationship in the future. As professional suppliers specializing in liquid silicone rubber making machine, we welcome your inquiry!

liquid silicone rubber suppliers

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