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In the daily production you have to be aware of the small machine troubleshooting of chemical reactor

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-20 15:16:33

chemical reactor

With the use of the reactor longer and longer, there will inevitably be some minor problems, but we all know that because of this and then stop production, our loss will be very large. Today I will tell you about some of the reactor troubleshooting methods, hoping to help everyone.

chemical reactor

1. Phenomenon: Leakage occurs at the sealing surface.
Cause: The bolt is loose and the gasket is deformed.
Remedy: Re-tighten the bolts. If invalid, replace the gasket.
2. Phenomenon: Leakage occurs at the bottom discharge valve.
Cause: The valve sealing surface is damaged.
Remedy: Replace the stem.
3. Phenomenon: In the magnetic stirrer, there is friction voice.
Reason: sleeve, bearing friction gap is too large within the magnetic steel rotation occurs swing.

Remedy: Replace the sleeve or bearing according to the original model size.

machine troubleshooting

Of course, in our daily production will encounter may encounter a variety of problems. The most correct way is before we use, we should follow the reactor manufacturer's technical guidance. If you find any problems in production, you should consult JCT Machinery in time. Especially high temperature, high pressure reactor, we should pay more attention to chemical reactor maintenance and small machine troubleshooting.

machine troubleshooting

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