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Uzbekistan handsome men visited JCT Machinery for DOP plasticizer production line

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-19 10:51:16

DOP production

These days the weather is sunny and sometimes rainy, inexplicable to Foshan air a bit more enthusiasm! On July 13,  several Uzbekistan handsome men visited JCT Machinery, for plasticizer production line. How is it?

DOP production

Also known as plasticizers new environmental synthesizing plant esters, mixed with better than DOP used alone. It can fully reduce the production costs of enterprises, with environmental protection, non-toxic, mechanical stability, good gloss, plasticizing high efficiency, good compatibility, easy to oxidize and volatile, can inhibit the oily role of oil ester and so on.


The main production equipment for DOP is reactor, the Uzbekistan handsome men coming to our factory is also for this. Here we are also grateful to Uzbekistan's allies for our recognition! If you have any problem about DOP plasticizer production equipment, we welcome your inquiry!


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