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what is the differences in water-based paints and oil-based paints?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-06-20 12:03:33

what is paints

When we come to what is the differences in water-based paints and oil-based paints? this question may confused you, what is water-based and oil-based paints? and how can we get to know above? please get all point as follows:

1.Environmental performance:
Water-based paints are mainly taking water as a diluent, it\'s harmless for our health, but oil-based paints are based on bananas water thinner as a diluent,it consisits of a large amount of benzene, xylene and other harmful carcinogens.

Water-based paints are free of harmfulcarcinogensm, non-toxic and tasteless,it can be stay after brushing.
Oil-based paints contain strong pungent, unbearable, harmful odor, and contain large amounts of harmful substances which is harmful to human health,it can be used after 1 and 2 months, we have to wait till strong pungent odor volatile and on substantially tasteless.but still a large number of slow-release harmful gases volatile 10--15 years.

what is in paint

Water-based paints not contain harmful substances, do not evaporate into the air,it will not be easy to yellowing and other defects, and more durable as well as new.
Oil-based paints: a long-term sustained release of hazardous substances continue to be volatile,and therefore vulnerable to yellowing, poor persistence.

4.The construction performance:
Water-based paints have no special requirement, it can be painted after a simple training,and it\'s more convenious for brushing and repairing.Oil-based paints can be painted after a professional training and training and practice, it\'s generally difficult to brush well.

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