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What is the function of the 22kw hydraulic lift disperser?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-08-12 17:30:27

The 22kw hydraulic lifting and dispersing machine is mainly based on a powerful dispersing machine, which has been recognized by users in many fields and is widely used. Let's take a look at the structural characteristics and equipment functions of the machine. While understanding the dispersing machine, the user should remember to maintain more maintenance, so that there will be no hidden dangers and the production efficiency will be improved.


     First of all, from the mixing function, the machine has three motors, two high-speed dispersion and one low-speed scraping and scraping bottom paddle. When the material is dispersed and mixed, the low-speed paddle can be scraped and bottomed to ensure uniform mixing without dead spots. It is more suitable for high viscosity materials and paste materials, and has stable performance, which has been recognized by most players.

  Secondly, unlike the high-speed dispersing machine, the powerful dispersing machine has a hydraulic lifting and vacuum mechanical seal, which can be operated under pressure. It can guarantee the purity and sealing of the material, and the size can be designed according to user requirements.

     Finally, as a multi-functional dispersing machine, when operating, the user must first understand the characteristics of the product to rape the main parameter specifications, in the operation process, to have a certain understanding of the machine and know his precautions, as well as the handling of emergency situations.

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