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Machinery: What is the application of the powerful disperser?

Author: source: Datetime: 2021-05-07 10:04:16

As a high-efficiency multi-functional mixer, the powerful dispersing machine has its own appearance in various industries. The machine has professional structural performance, superior function and efficiency, and is favored by many users. It can meet the requirements of rapidly changing the production process in operation, and has high applicability and flexibility. It is a chemical non-standard equipment that can be customized.

  There are three different types of agitators in the kettle. One of the agitators rotates around the axis of the kettle body. The other two agitators rotate at high speed around their own axes at different speeds to make the material move in the kettle. Strong cutting and twisting, the device model size can be controlled, generally ranging from 5L-5000L, can be professionally selected for you.


      The powerful dispersing machine is suitable for the homogenous agitation, polymerization, vulcanization, sulfonation dispersion, dissolution, quenching and tempering of multi-component solid-liquid phase and liquid-liquid phase materials required by the food or chemical industry. It is especially suitable for the production of 10,000CP ~ 4,000,000CP paste materials, such as glass glue, silicone structural adhesive, silicone sealant, electronic sealant and so on. Because we are doing more than just business, more importantly, integrity!

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