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What is the composition of paint

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-06-20 10:35:38

what is the composition of paint

What is the composition of paint? as a resonsible paint machine manufacturer, we can know that the paint is a chemical mixing material/coating for firmly covering the surface of the object, it can kick in protection, decoration, signs and other special purpose.in addition, let me introduce what is the composition of paint below.

The composition of paint consisits of the film-forming substance, a filler (fillers), solvents, additives and other components.Composition of paint can be based on performance requirement slightly, for example, varnishes has no pigment, the powder coating can be without solvent.

Paint belong to organic chemical polymer materials,and the coating film belongs to a polymer compound type, In accordance with the prevailing modern classification of chemical products, paint is a kind of fine chemical product, Modern paint is gradually becoming a versatility of engineering materials, and paint is an important industry in the chemical industry.

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