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What? What is the difference between a kneader and an internal mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-10-27 11:24:33

What is the difference between a kneader and an internal mixer? Maybe everyone is not very careful, this, small can only say so, the kneading machine and the mixer, it is really different, although both are agitation, pinching cooperation, in order to meet the requirements of users, but What is the difference between the two? Kneader

    First of all: the internal mixer is a machine that is provided with a pair of specific shapes and relatively rotating rotors, and is capable of masticating and kneading the polymer material intermittently under a closed state of adjustable temperature and pressure, and the kneading machine is The strong shearing, squeezing and agitation of a pair of mating and rotating blades allows the viscous material to be quickly mixed evenly.


 Secondly, the kneading machine produced by Jinyutai can be operated on a vacuum seal with a vacuum box structure to prevent the filler wear particles from entering the cylinder and heating or cooling. The internal mixer is not the scope of the production of Jinyutai. This kind of equipment is generally not capable of vacuum operation, heating or cooling, but the heating system can be customized.

    Finally: structure and application: kneading machine, also known as kneading machine, mainly used in silicone rubber, high viscosity sealant, silicone rubber, BMC, ink, battery, dye, medicine, resin, plastic, cosmetics and other industries, the application is quite widely. Mainly composed of kneading part, transmission system, vacuum system, hydraulic system, electric control system, machine part part, etc.; internal mixer, also known as kneading machine, mainly used for rubber mastication and mixing, the application range is monotonous . It is mainly composed of a mixing chamber, a rotor, a rotor sealing device, a feeding and pressing device, a discharging device, a transmission device and a machine base. Kneader

   PS: Write this, the small can only say that the same point is that both are non-standard equipment, can be customized... Welcome to consult, thank you.

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