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Chemical Information: Power Mixer Price and Structure

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-06-19 10:27:44

The power mixing body combines the advantages of planetary mixer and powerful dispersing machine. It integrates dispersion, mixing and mixing. It is widely used in solid, solid, solid and liquid, chemical, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, building materials and other industries. The process of mixing, reacting, dispersing, grinding, dissolving, homogenizing, emulsifying and the like with the liquid material is very powerful and practical.

    I believe many people will understand the power mixer and planetary mixer and powerful disperser. In fact, three of them have functions. Generally speaking, they are mainly planetary mixers and powerful dispersers. All belong to the mixer machinery, but the material mixing form, specifications, blade form, etc., because there may be some strangeness to the power mixer, as one of the key products of jinchangtai research and development, as one of the high-tech products, the power mixer function gray Often powerful, the mixing effect is often awesome.


So many people will ask, what is it? This can tell you without reservation what kind of goods decide what kind of money! At least it is more expensive than the planetary mixer and disperser, because it has no dead point power mixing and dispersion, sealing is good, can be pressurized vacuum operation, exhaust defoaming, the kettle body can move freely, cleaning and operation are convenient, the blade form is complicated It can be scraped and scraped at the bottom, and the speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion. In this way, the material can be complicatedly moved, the mixing effect can be imagined, of course, the product is also high-grade and practical, so the price may not be expensive. ?

    So what is the structural composition of the power mixer? Mainly composed of pot body, lid, transmission parts, base, discharge port and other components. The pot body is welded by stainless steel, the inner surface is extremely smooth and hard, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and difficulty in sticking; the outer surface of the pot has a heating jacket and a resistance heating coil, and the temperature is a high-burning point machine in the heating jacket. The oil is directly transferred to the pot body, so that the pot body is evenly heated. The temperature of the material in the pot can be controlled by adjusting the heating temperature. The outer layer of the jacket has asbestos insulation layer, and more importantly, because the material form is different, it can be customized according to user requirements. simple and clear!

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