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God! The hydraulic tumbling kneader is different from the hand crank...

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-06-21 09:34:11

Kneading machines, as typical equipment in the chemical industry, do not need to be explained in terms of their prevalence. Most raw material mixing equipments require it. However, today Xiao Hong is not talking about the kneading machine, but the difference between the hydraulic tumbling kneader and the hand crank. In fact, it is also popular here. The kneading machine is also called a kneading machine or a kneading machine. It is big and big, indicating that there is Several names are also normal... Hydraulic Cylinder Kneading Machine

    Before we start to describe the hydraulic tumbling kneader, for the user, we must know what is the kneading machine? What is the use of the kneading machine? What products can the kneading machine produce? Can it apply to me? Wait, if you don't understand, please feel free to consult Xiaohong, but now many customers are very strange, how much is the equipment when you come to consult? So expensive? Wait, what I want to say is, are you buying quality, or buying cheap, cheap manufacturers, and really do not have a few quality, you want to use it a few times cheaply, you can, Jin Haotai does not do Thank you, but you want to be cheap and want good quality, then you have to go out and turn left, thank you. The so-called one penny and one point of goods, Jin Yutai is mainly based on quality, service is second, and then the price, you want those machinery with inferior materials, we have no way, you say yes?


Next, let's talk about the difference between the hydraulic tumbling kneader and the hand crank. Mainly because of the different discharge methods, because the kneading machine is kneading, crushing and shearing in a cylinder, the good materials are taken out in the cylinder to do the next process, the first is the cover, the hydraulic turning The cylinder kneading machine is an electric control automatic lifting cover, which is convenient and quick to operate, and saves time. Compared with the hand crank, it is necessary to manually lift the cover manually, which wastes time and reduces work efficiency, so the hydraulic tumbling kneader has become the majority. User's choice. Hydraulic tumbling kneader

    Jin Changtai Machinery has also been in this industry for 20 years. The production process and equipment quality are not mentioned. Just want to remind those people that in the increasingly mature production technology, the price is not the first element of procurement, you should Pay more attention to quality, because quality determines everything, durability is not durable, mechanical is good, this is the key, not the price is not cheap, what do you think?

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