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Vacuum kneader working principle and blade form

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-05-30 09:47:46

Vacuum kneading machine is not uncommon for people in the chemical industry. It is a high-performance equipment for shearing, kneading and kneading high viscosity or ultra high viscosity materials. The strong shearing and squeezing action of the rotating blades allows the material to mix quickly and evenly.

Common types of paddles for kneading machines:


    1. The fishtail type stirring paddle is suitable for the kneading operation of the cellulose material.

    2. Z-type agitating paddle, also known as a simple type paddle, has a simple shape and is used for dispersing and mixing the pigment in the resin under high viscosity.

    3. The cutting type agitating paddle is the most powerful agitating paddle, which is suitable for the kneading operation of ultra-high viscosity materials under high power and heavy load. When using a cutting type paddle, most of them use a two-blade tangential arrangement. Applicable materials: rubber, iron oxide, magnetic recording materials, etc.

    4. The 搅拌 type stirring paddle is the most common type. It is suitable for the kneading operation with the external material which must be moved in the kneading and the groove. It mainly acts on the arrangement of the two paddles overlapping, and the screening is the extrusion dehydration operation. In the case of the case, it is most suitable to use a type of mixing paddle. Applicable materials: printing ink, chocolate, carbon materials, etc.

   Kneading machine works:

   It is an ideal equipment for kneading, kneading, kneading, crushing, dispersing and re-polymerizing various chemical products for high-viscosity slurry or elastoplastic materials which cannot be processed by general powder mixers and liquid mixers. It has uniform mixing and no dead angle. The advantage of high kneading efficiency is that the material is scraped, stretched, folded and squeezed between the blade, the groove wall and the ridge portion, and the material is circulated from one end of the stirring blade to the other end, and the two stirring blades are tangent And each rotates at a different speed to complete the kneading process. Tilt the slot when discharging.

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