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Reaction kettle and stirrer form selection

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-05-31 16:18:35

Nowadays, for the production of reactors, the form of the agitator is no stranger. With the development of the current era, more and more machinery is being replaced, and some shortcomings of the reactor are gradually eliminated, and some advantages are improved.

    Now, the reactor has been widely used in the chemical industry. It is a mixture of a variety of materials by stirring, heating and cooling to carry out the reaction polymerization. In the case of a variety of materials, the reactor stirrer must have Different choices, then, what are the reactor agitator forms?


1) The reactor is agitated according to the blade: it is divided into flat leaves, inclined (folded) leaves, curved leaves, and spiral surface agitators. Both the slurry and the turbine agitator have a flat blade and a slanted blade structure; the ribbon blade has a spiral surface structure. According to the installation requirements, it can be divided into a whole type and a split type, which is convenient for fixing the agitator directly to the stirring shaft without removing other components such as the coupling.

2) The use of the reactor according to the agitator: it is divided into a stirrer for low viscosity fluid and a stirrer for high viscosity fluid. Agitators for low viscosity fluids include: propulsion, slurry, open turbine, disc turbine, and the like. The agitators for high viscosity fluids are: frame type, propeller type, ribbon type, and the like.

Since the viscosity of the liquid has a great influence on the stirring state, it is a basic method to select the viscosity according to the viscosity of the stirring medium. In addition, Jinhaotai Machinery can be customized according to user requirements, which is convenient and quick.

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