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Front HD high-quality hot melt adhesive equipment blockbuster, you deserve it!

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-05-28 15:30:18

With the development of industry, the use of hot melt adhesives is more and more extensive, the demand for hot melt adhesives on the market has also risen, and the hot melt adhesive equipment industry has reached a period of rapid development. Then you know which equipment is used to produce hot melt adhesives. ? Today, Jin Yutai will talk to you about the high-definition non-code hot melt equipment!1540436309629645.png

1. Hot melt adhesive can be divided into: block, granular, strip (rod), powdery.

Types of hot melt adhesive: EVA type (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer), TPR (thermoplastic rubber), APAO type (polyolefin), PA type (polyamide), PU type (polyurethane), POLYYTER type (polyester), PE type (polyethylene) and others.

2, hot melt adhesive application range:

1) Packaging: carton carton, food packaging, etc.;

2) Sanitary products: diapers, sanitary napkins, etc.;

3) Book binding: book binding wireless binding;

4) Wood furniture: plywood, wooden floor splicing, furniture fitting;

5) Automotive: car lights, glass, filter, interior decoration, etc.;

6) Textile products: adhesive, printing, adhesive;

7) Reflective materials: traffic signs, warning protective clothing, etc.1540436356296777.png

3, the heating method of hot melt adhesive production can be divided into: jacket electric heating, electric heating oil, thermal oil furnace (fuel, gas). The temperature of the heat transfer oil is generally controlled at 160-200 ° C, and the temperature of the material in the kettle is controlled at 130-160 ° C.

4. The reactor produces hot melt adhesive for about 4-5 hours/time, and the kneading machine produces hot melt adhesive for about 2-3 hours/time.

5. The working volume of the reaction kettle and kneader for producing hot melt adhesive is generally 70-80%.

6. What equipment is needed for the complete production line of hot melt adhesive (block):1540436664665006.png

 Reactor (or kneader), stirred tank (optional), coarse filter, high viscosity pump, fine filter, roller conveyor, heating system, vacuum system, etc.

The process flow is:

1) The raw materials are weighed according to the proportion of the hot melt adhesive formulation and added to the reaction kettle. The temperature is raised by heating the heating system, and the mixture is stirred and mixed uniformly. The air bubbles in the glue are removed by vacuuming.

2) Pass the melted rubber in the reaction kettle through the discharge pump, through the filtration system into the dispensing die (or into the mixing tank, and then into the dispensing die), put it in the packaging box, and heat the packaged package. The glue is cooled.

Jinchangtai machinery can provide you with block, strip and granular hot melt adhesive production equipment.

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