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Do you know what is granular hot melt adhesive production equipment?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-07-18 15:40:14

hot melt adhesive

With the continuous development of industrialization, the amount of glue for the amount is also growing. Hot melt adhesive is mainly used in leather, handicrafts, shoes, coating, ceramics, shades, plastic, metal, wood, paper, toys, electronics, furniture, Pearl cotton, food packaging, Speaker and other mixing. So, how many things do you know about the production of granular hot melt adhesive production equipment? Now let me tell you.

hot melt adhesive

About hot melt adhesive, generally divided into three types: Lump, bar shape, granule. The mixing device is the same, you can use the reactor or kneading machine. The difference lies in the molding, because of its different production processes, the use of the production equipment is not the same. What is granular hot melt adhesive production equipment?

General equipment used in the production of granular hot melt adhesive is as follows:

granular hot melt adhesive

Reactor (or kneader, for mixing) - Storage tank (this one according to the customer's needs, it is mainly for storage of those mixed materials, which can improve production efficiency)
- Extruder (make an extruder at the bottom of the tank)
- Underwater pelletizing (after extrusion through motor pelletizing in the water, but due to the water temperature would reach 10-15 degrees Celsius, should be equiped with the ice machine, and need shaker for brush)
- Since the surface of the hot melt adhesive particles after forming is very rough, so there is a step is to polish, through the mixing tank (with calcium powder mixing, the surface treatment)
- the last is filling, through the filling machine for hot melt adhesive packaging.

Any requirements about granular hot melt adhesive production equipment you need can feel free to contact JCT Machinery!

granular hot melt adhesive

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