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Turkish clients come to buy Polyurethane Adhesive production equipment

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-05-11 11:28:07

Recently in FoShan it is uncertain weather, but The Turkish clients has bought reactor for Polyurethane Adhesive, come rain or shine. In the morning of May 9th.we ushered in a customer from the Turkish,,which came here for Polyurethane Adhesive production equipment.

 Polyurethane Adhesive production equipment

Polyurethane Adhesive is the glue that contains the ammonia ester and isocyanate base in the molecular chain.

Polyurethane adhesives have strong activity and therefore have good adhesion to various materials, such as metal, marble, ceramics, glass, cement products, wood and most plastic products have good adhesion and sealing.

In addition, it can also be widely used in the bonding and repair of ship, high-speed rail, subway construction, plastic products, speaker center glue, household appliances, antiques, etc.

 Polyurethane Adhesive production equipment

Reactor as the important equipment in Polyurethane Adhesive can heat, cool, and stir the material. Our engineer Mr. He and Sales Manager Lucy not only explained the entire Polyurethane Adhesive production process for the Turkish customers, but also designed the most suitable reactor and configuration for the customer's scale.

Finally, we signed the contract for the Polyurethane Adhesive production equipment. For more requirements about purchasing Polyurethane Adhesive production equipment you can feel free to contact with JCT Machinery!

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