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Shock ! Maintenance considerations for reactor

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-05-12 11:39:51

The stainless steel reactor has two kinds of design, normal pressure and high pressure. We are usually very careful to do the appearance of the reactor maintenance, so in addition to this, we have to pay attention to these!

stainless steel reactor 

1. Prevent operation of the instrument in flammable and explosive environments such as oil and gas.Do not touch any of the plugs during operation while the controller is powered on. When the reactor equipment is used, the explosion vent is connected to the outside through the piping.

2. When starting up, any button should be in the initial condition. After the application is completed, the button should be restored to its original condition.

3. Do not change the temperature setting in the heating process after the temperature is set.

 stainless steel reactor

4. Timing of the reactor, a variety of external appearance and explosion relief equipment, hot oil oil level testing, to ensure that the equipment can be normal operation.

5. When there is abnormal movement in the isolation sleeve, it is necessary to check the mixing system. The swing of the mixing shaft is too large to replace the bearing or sliding sleeve in time.

6. Reactive media should not exceed the reactor body 2/3 liquid surface, the reactor should not be in excess pressure, over-temperature operation, after completion should not take the pressure to disassemble the reactor.

7. The correct direction of the rotating speed display should not be adjusted at will, the location of the factory has been adjusted well.


The proper operation of the reactor can prolong the service life of the reactor.As a supplier specializing in reactor, we welcome your consult in your free time!

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