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There are pictures with the truth! Solder paste production flow chart reveals

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-05-16 16:23:01

When it comes to solder paste, which is solder paste, the simplest and most intuitive understanding is that solder paste is used to repair computers and repair mobile phones. Solder paste is mainly used for soldering electronic components such as PCB surface resistance, capacitors and ICs in SMT industry. Its English name is solder paste, which is a gray paste. Solder paste is a new type of solder material that comes with SMT. It is a paste mixture formed by mixing solder powder, flux and other surfactants and thixotropic agents.1542159986343537.png

The production of solder paste is a very professional knowledge. Different manufacturers have different processes, but the general process is the same. The solder paste is mainly composed of flux and solder powder. The flux is added to the flux. The ingredients are stirred, vacuumed and filled. The solder paste production process is more detailed as shown below:


The figure can be seen in detail in the production process of solder paste. The finished solder paste products are divided into solder paste bottles of different colors according to the solder paste components. The lead solder paste is filled into white bottles, and the environmentally friendly solder paste is used. Put it into a green bottle, and separately check the solder paste, paste the corresponding label, and then store it in the warehouse. The solder paste must be stored in a 2-10 degree refrigerator.

The production equipment of solder paste can be selected from the power mixer, the power mixer concentrates the functions of the planetary mixer and the powerful disperser, and has the functions of stirring, dispersing, shearing and mixing. The mixer is equipped with 3-4 sets of different types of agitators, 2 sets of multi-layer blade (or curved) agitator, the planetary motion rotates at the same time, 1-2 sets of high-speed dispersion, the planetary motion simultaneously disperses at high speed, and the material is in the kettle. Make complex movements that subject the material to intense shearing and mixing. The scraper rotates around the axis of the kettle body, scraping the raw materials sticking to the wall and the bottom to participate in the mixing, and the dispersion mixing effect is very good.

Power mixers are widely used in silicone rubber, polyurethane, adhesives, pastes, cosmetics, coatings, inks, battery glue, food, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

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