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Author: source: Datetime: 2019-05-13 16:01:51

For the reactor, the industry is no stranger, there are many types of reactors, there are generally several types of industrial use: outer coil reactor, multi-functional dispersion reactor, electric heating reactor, concentric coaxial reactor, emulsifier Wait, Jin Haotai wants to introduce to you today is the outer coil reactor, go and see.

The advantages of the outer coil: stable operation, low noise, convenient cleaning, sustainable use, dispersing and stirring the material, good sealing effect, and not easy to leak.1545200236177576.png

Built-in discharge, clean and no residue, used for equipment with too much structure in the kettle or too many openings in the kettle.

The reactor of Jin Chang Tai Company can be customized according to needs. The general specification starts from 100L and ranges up to 50000L. The heating area of the 500L outer coil reactor is 1.7m2, the inner coil specification is Φ38, and the cooling area is 1.6m2. The outer area of the 2000L outer coil reactor is 4.5m2, the inner coil is Φ45, and the cooling area is 4.3m2. This data is for reference only. Please consult Jinhaotai technical engineer for the parameters of the reactors of different specifications.

The nozzles of the reactor are commonly used in the following 10 types:


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