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Professional holding rubber production equipment supplier--jinchangtai

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-05-17 15:35:11

You may not know much about the holding glue. The holding glue is mainly used for the repair of pressure fittings. It has excellent solvent resistance and repairs shafts, end covers, keys, keyways, bearings and bushings. It can repair worn machine parts and restore the correct fit of the fittings. The maximum neck clearance is 0.5mm, which can prevent fretting wear and corrosion of metal fittings.1539158056811080.png

The holding glue is a 100% reactive anaerobic resin compound, mainly a shaft and sleeve holding. After assembly of the component, the adhesive cures under anaerobic conditions to quickly achieve operational strength. The shear strength is relatively high. It can prevent loosening and leakage caused by vibration. The glue that is outside the joint will not solidify and can be wiped off with a cloth.

So, do you know what equipment is used to produce the glue? Like the anaerobic glue, the holding glue is produced by using the reaction kettle. The reactor is stirred by different materials in the form of blades, or the materials are added for reaction polymerization, and various materials are mixed with heating and cooling. Dispersing, mixing, and operation are also very convenient, and are widely used in many fields!

The holding time of the holding glue is generally about 20 minutes, and the whole solid is within 24 hours.

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