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The Daxing International Airport and Horizontal ribbon mixer

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-03-14 10:49:26

Beijing Daxing: China's huge new 'starfish' airport opens its doors . The Daxing International Airport in the capital Beijing was formally opened by President Xi Jinping on Wednesday.

I’m so pride with my country .  As a Chinese , I’m crazy about the Daxing International Airport  . As a professional machine maker , I’m crazy about Horizontal ribbon mixer .

 Horizontal ribbon mixer.gif

Horizontal ribbon mixer consists of U-shaped containers , ribbon mixing blade and transmission components ; ribbon points continuous and disconnect the helical ribbon blade is generally made of a double or triple outer spiral the material from both sides brings together the central inner spiral the material from the center to the side to from a stream mixed .

Adding a liquid and pasty material mixed in the ribbon mixer for viscous or cohesive granule mixing and granule had a good effect , cylinder cover can be made of a wide-open door , so that the equipment  for cleaning .

Can be added to the mixer barrel outer jacket ,cooling of the material is achieved by injecting the cooling medium to the jacket ;

Discharge generally in the form of a pneumatic flap valve (manual ) , the arc valve compact embedding barrel , flush with the tube wall , the phenomenon of material accumulation and mixing dead ends , reliable trim seal , frequent switching leakage .

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