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Planetary mixer is a new highly efficient mixing equipment , without dead spots .

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-03-14 10:49:46

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Introduction of Planetary Mixer

    Planetary mixer is a new highly efficient mixing equipment , without dead spots .   It is unique and novel in agitation . There are two or three multi-blade stirrer and one or two automatic scraper . Agitator runs around the kettle axis ,and rotates around its own axis on a different speed at the same time ;so that the inside wall of kettle ,and bring down the material glued to the wall when rotates around the axis ,which greatly enhances the effect .

   Kettle has special seal structure to pressure and vacuum , so that the exhaust can be well expelled . Cylinder jacket can be heated and cooled according to users’ needs . Discharging way is pressure fed , covers lift by hydraulic , and cylinder is free to move , which is easy to operate .And the impeller and the blade can be rise with the beam out of the cylinder , so it is easy to clean .

   The equipment is applicable to the process of mix , reaction,dissolute and quench the multi-component solid -solid phase , solid -liquid-liquid materials in the industries of chemical ,light industry ,food adhesives , sealants ,filling plastic ointment ,paste materials , grease ,paint ,paste food ,additives ,sealants ,filling plastic ointment , paste materials ,grease ,paint ,paste ,cosmetic ,paste food , additives and other compounds of high viscous preparation .

   Stirrer is multi-chose in the need of materials requirements , like multi-blade ,frame type ,butterfly type and out-wheels etc .

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1,Lifting Means :Hydraulic Lift

2,According To The Need For Heating And Cooling

3,Pressure To The Need For Heating And Cooling

4,Speed Mode :Frequency Control

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